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About Us

We set out nearly two years ago to help the healers heal and the empowered strengthen.
Our mission is to be the champion of those who are the champions of others.

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

Margaret Mead

At Resilient Vitality, we believe there is a smarter way to treat the growing issue of Mental and Spiritual Health. People are often enslaved and pressured by their phones. We want to use them to do some good:

  • Strengthen the bond between practitioner and client.
  • Empower a shift in conversation during sessions.
  • Increase patients' understanding of their feelings in simple and relatable ways.

We concieved the initial concept of Resilient Vitality over lunch. Since then we have been on a continous mission to "iterate, experiment, learn, repeat" as much as possble. We have no intention of stopping. We believe that all decisions need to be founded in fact and powered by faith in doing the right thing.

Product Featuress

Get more done

At a glance, you can see mood trends of your patients, schedule appointments and meetings, and even handle accouting through our cloud accouting partners.

Make it a science

Remove the handwaving and guessing. See demystified trends of your patients moods to determine whether or not treatment is working.

Secure modern technology

We use the latest technologies such as Serverless Cloud Computing and Machine Learning to deliver an unrivaled experience.

Continuous montitoring

Even after intial diagnosis and treatment plans, keep tabs on patients to track their progress on their path to delight.

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body

Many mental health experts agree that well performed mindfulness activities allow patients to have a much better understanding of their emotions.

Resilient Vitality can take the emotion trends of your patients and automatically deliver relevant mindfulness activities to perform.

Imagine you have a patient with a form of anxiety. Based off of all of the vital sensors on smartphones and smartwatches, along with contextual information such as location, time of day, and weather, we can automatically deliver mindfulness activities at just the right times. No more wishing that you could be in a patient's ear at times of duress.

Security & reliability is a part of everything that we do.

We spent an incredible amount of effort making sure you got to this landing page completely securely. Imagine what measures we have for your data.

Our technology is distributed across the globe. No disaster or failure could keep us down for anything longer than a few seconds.

We monitor every request made to our services for suspicious activity. Malicious efforts to take data from you and your patients will not be tolerated.

Pie charts, line charts, bar charts
Oh my!

We provide a world class dashboard that makes it super simple to see the success of your patients!

Resilient Vitality's Dashboard is incredibly simple to use. That way you can spend less time fooling with clunky interfaces and do what you have a passion for.

Got a staff? That's taken care of too! We've got tools built in to handle multiple therapists and staff members. Patients get assigned to their respective therapist or clinical staff member and administrative staff members only have access to scheduling and billing information. Only what they should need.

Heard enough?

If you are ready to Join us here at Resilient Vitality, just click the button. We'll help you get all set up!

More Features

Here's a few more things we're really proud of to wet your appetite!

Time Management

We can integrate with your online calendar to make sure that you never miss an appoitnment and can be ready for your day. No more time crunches after lunch when you forgot to prepare.

Session Notes.

Got a notebook with all of your session notes that is slowly beginning to fall apart? You won't after getting Resilient Vitality. We can take care of that online for you. (And you can never lose it)

Our true love is feedback

We have a feedback mechanism in all parts of our product. We love to hear what you do and do not like. Be honest. It's how we can make our product better. We are obsessed with you and how we can help.

Distribute Information

Use those WiFi signals to make sure your patients recieve the latest information from you and your practice. Links, Information Sheets, and more pushed to patients' phones.


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  • Integration with Accounting Platforms
  • Unlimited Patients
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  • API access
  • SLA's and DRP's
  • Integration with identity management systems
  • Every Feature in Business Class
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Frequently Asked Questions

We thought ahead. Check here if we already answered any questions you may have.

  • Whether or not you come from paper and pencil or for some other practice managment software, they all have the same problem. They simply capture information. None of these platforms perform meaningful active work to engage your patients and get them understanding themselves and feeling better.

  • Yeah... We're working on it. We will roll this out when we have gathered enough feedback on how best to leverage those platforms.

  • We, as a team, have a set of 5 core tenents that we try to follow every day.

    • Be a leader
    • Be bold
    • Be compassionate
    • Be confident
    • Be eager
  • We are actively rolling out support for Intuit Quickbooks Online┬« and Freshbooks┬«. Cloud accounting platforms like these allow us to depend on the same reliability and accessibility that we have with Resilient Vitality.

  • Machine learning is a way of having computers classify, examine, and create data without explictly programming it with a particular method. It's super helpful in domains that have many complex variables. We do all kinds of things with it. Sometimes we use it intepret data recieved from patients. Sometime we use it to analyse cause and effect. One thing's certain. We love using it to solve all kinds of problems for our customers.

  • Scroll up top the pricing section and select the account type you want to create.

Our Team

These are the lovely faces here at Resilient Vitality

Zach Probst

Chief Executive Officer & CTO

Anna Capria

Director of Customer Feedback

Resilient Vitality

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